Courtney here...

This weekend I had the privilege of shooting a double maternity shoot with two sisters and teen mommies-to-be at Joyner Park in Wake Forest, N.C.  I've been editing a birth documentary all week and thinking about babies, so it was especially fitting to end the week with this type of shoot!

I had been keeping my fingers crossed all week that we'd actually be able to pull this off before the babies were born.  Martika's baby boy is due in early April, and Mika's baby girl should be coming any day now.  The sisters have already spent some time at the hospital handling false labor, but the babies must have really been looking forward to this photo shoot because they let their mommies off the hook.  :)

Mika and Martika, I had a blast shooting with you!  You are both beautiful women with lovely spirits, and I will be praying for the safe delivery of your babies and for the transition ahead of you.  Thanks for being so adventurous and withstanding cold weather (and deer droppings) for this photo shoot.  If you were on America's Next Top model, I know Tyra Banks would be impressed---I certainly was!  Jamere and Donald, you guys were troopers as well.  Thanks for holding your ladies' accessories in between shoots, and thanks for jumping in on so many of the photos.  Keep lovin' on these ladies and your new babies!    I'm excited about meeting your kiddos in the weeks to come.


AuthorCourtney Potter