Last January I had the privilege to shoot Jenny and Shannon's wedding and I was beyond excited to hear from them just a few months later that they were expecting a baby! I've realized lately that more than loving any one type of shoot or event more than another, I love being able to document all of the milestones in the lives of the people I work with. A wedding is only just the beginning of a couple's life together and it's always an honor to be brought back in to witness where that love takes them. 
For Jenny and Shannon, that love leads right to Sage. I spent lots of time with them over the course of two days (you have to know when a newborn is telling you to call it a day!) and I had a great chance to see them love all over Sage. It's beautiful to see two parents, only a week or two into that title, already knowing just how to soothe and comfort their baby. Shannon, who floored me with her voice when she sang at their wedding, bounces him and sings sweet songs in his ear. Jenny knows just the right combination of "shush-shush"es and back rubs and forehead kisses to quiet him. Even his third (canine) momma Sophie watches over him protectively. This little boy couldn't possibly be loved more than he is.

AuthorBridget McEnaney