I was connected with this amazing couple through Jenny and Shannon who happened to be in the same birthing class! (Side note: Sage and Vida were born just a few weeks apart and I kinda can't wait to watch them grow up and maybe be best friends if, you know, Vida is into it ;) ) After hearing their story about another photographer who wasn't prepared to celebrate this family like they would an opposite-sex couple I was excited to have the chance to replace bad karma with good and capture this exciting time for Stacie and Alia and their sweet girl Vida. I met them for the first time at their home and adored this family instantly. It was so sweet to watch the I-can't-even-believe-you're-really-here smile take over their faces every time they looked at her. And let me tell you something about miss Vida - this girl already knows when it's time to shine for the camera. She smiled coyly, she opened her eyes (not something many week-old newborns do very much!), she didn't cry (ya know, so as not to get too red in the face), and generally looked adorable no matter what was going on around her. She's going to be a handful for Stacie and Alia in all the best ways. I cannot wait to capture this family as their love for each other grows and grows. 

AuthorBridget McEnaney