I shot an eight-month-old session with baby James and his mom Mandy a few weeks ago. James' best time of day is early morning, so he forced me to wake up at sunrise to take pictures of him in the early morning light at the Gene Strowd Community Rose Garden in Chapel Hill.  We had so much fun playing in the swings and generally being the only people out at the park that early in the day!

Mandy is friend from my old church, and I also had the privilege of shooting her wedding in 2010. Because of that history, it was so fun for me to photograph her growing family. James is just as photogenic as his beautiful parents, so it was a breeze getting cute shots of his little face and toesies!  :)

We ended our shoot at one of James' favorite places: Trader Joe's in Chapel Hill! I loved how his tiny bare feet were sticking out of the red cart the whole time.

Mandy and James, thanks so much for including me on your early morning routine! I had so much fun capturing James' "old man hair" and range of adorable facial expressions. I hope you enjoy these photos for years to come!  


AuthorCourtney Potter