My best friend and her husband welcomed two healthy identical twin boys into the world on February 25, 2014. Judah John was born at 7:09am weighing 6 pounds, 13 oz. His brother Samuel Lee was born at 7:14am and weighed 6 pounds. 

I've been present for several births over the years, but this one carried special weight for me since Julianne has been my best friend since age 14. As Julie held two perfect and beautiful babies in her arms, I reflected upon all of the milestones we had experienced together. We joined the high school lacrosse team, worked at St. Louis Bread Co. our senior year, and even planned our weddings together (which were just two weeks apart!) We've cried with each other during bad break-ups and also laughed hysterically at nothing until sunrise. The birth of her babies is one of those significant rites of passages that signals a new life chapter, and I am so grateful to have shared in that with Julianne and Lee. And while it pains me that we live 1000 miles away and I won't see my "nephews" every week, I am so thankful for the memories of their birth.

Julie and Lee, thank you so much for inviting me to share in this momentous occasion for your family. It's a time that I will never forget. I hope that these photographs help you remember the emotion and wonder from your sons' birthday. You are both incredible people, and I know you will be wonderful parents to these two precious boys. When things get hard remember you are not alone! Your family and friends stand by you and will love your sons as much as we love you. They are a true gift from God. 

AuthorCourtney Potter