Ezra Owen was born on February 24 at 1:45am. He weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces. I was particularly excited about his birth because his mom Casey is my good friend and we had agreed to do a service barter in 2012 when she designed my wedding invitations! (Fun fact: Casey also designed our Birth Collective logo! Check out her awesome design skills as featured on her website.)

Because Ezra's dad Wen is getting his PHD in religion right now, we had fun using his extensive library of theology books as props for Ezra's photos. Casey and Wen's house is also a dream for photography: there are vibrant colors in every room and lots of natural light. But beyond fun props and yummy light, what made this session so much fun were Ezra's adorable expressions.  From sticking out his tongue to smiling (with his adorable old-man hair), Ezra gave me endless material to work with in the final photos. He is a natural baby model!  :)

Casey and Wen, thank you so much for inviting me to do Ezra's first photo shoot! I couldn't stop smiling when editing these blog photos because he just so stinkin' cute (and you two are also cute parents!) I hope you treasure these photos for years to come. Go fill those empty baby frames in his nursery now! :)

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AuthorCourtney Potter