Even though tiny Victoria protested through the bulk of her newborn session, this family was a blast to work with. While sleeping, quiet babies are the Pinterest ideal, I prefer to photograph these nuggets and their loved ones as they are on a regular day. And sometimes that looks like a bawling baby, or a big brother who can't sit still. So we just rolled with it, and I'm so pleased with these photos!

Victoria's parents answered a few questions for this blog, and I'm excited to share their responses below! 

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1. Tell me a little about you and your growing family! (i.e. When was your daughter born? How did you pick out her name? What is her birth order?)

Our daughter was born on April 8, 2016. Megan's mother passed away about five years ago. Her Mother's name was Vickie so we wanted to name our daughter Victoria. My mother's name is Kathleen so it just felt right to name our Victoria Kathleen. She is our second child. We have a 3 year old son, his name is Trace Alexander.

2. What led to your decision to hire a newborn photographer? What were you hoping for in your photos? Was there anything you wanted to avoid? (i.e. awkwardness, photos of naked babies in a basket...)

We wanted photos of us as a family, the newness, the learning, the fun times. We were hoping to capture the love that we had for each other and the love that was growing for our new daughter. We wanted capture the love that Trace has for his little sister so that she can one day look back at the photos to see his excitement and love.  We wanted to avoid awkwardness because no one enjoys that! We did avoid it, Courtney was amazing and we loved having the session is our home. Our son had so much fun playing with Courtney and she helped get him excited about the pictures.

3. Are there any special details unique to your family that you wanted captured during your session? (i.e. a big brother holding his new sister, funny animal interactions, a certain outfit that is special to you...)

We really wanted good pictures of Trace holding Victoria. Courtney got some amazing pictures of his love and excitement towards her. She also got an amazing picture that I like to call "Life". While Megan and I are both trying to calm Victoria down Trace is climbing the wall in the background. We love that picture.

4. How did you hear about The Birth Collective? What drew you to our style of photography?

Our friend Bethany gave us your information. We liked the idea of the photographer coming to our home where we were comfortable at.

5. Do you have a favorite photo from your session?

Yes! The photo of Trace climbing the wall in the back ground.

6. What do you plan on doing with your pictures? (i.e. Internet fame, wallpaper the hallway, a photo album...)

We will definitely be putting them on Facebook and we will more than likely cover the walls with them.

7. Anything else you'd like to add about your photography experience, photos, or anything else?

We have tried doing photos with our son in the past and they never turned out like we expected them to. This time was so much different. I believe that was because Courtney came in more like a friend and not like a photographer. We were in our home and he was relaxed and excited to show off his baby sister. Courtney also did an amazing job at showing the love that Megan and I have for each other.


Thank you- Megan, Jacquelyn, Trace, and Victoria- for being so laid-back and easy to work with! You just rolled with the punches, and I'm so happy with the final photos! I hope you cherish these for years to come!


AuthorCourtney Potter