Life with a toddler is one of constant motion. So why spend an hour forcing your unstoppable toddler to sit still and smile for the camera? In lieu of traditional family portraits, this Chapel Hill family understand the futility of "posing" and chose to document a robust slice of daily life with their young daughter and three fur-children. In just 90 minutes I witnessed the whole gamut of little Adelaide's emotions- from elation over swinging at her favorite park to a full-scale meltdown in her upstairs playroom. I photographed their cats lurking in the background, their pup graciously allowing Adelaide to walk him, and all the moments in between. I think everyone was exhausted by the end...even the cats.

Nate + Melissa, thank you so much for inviting me to peek into your daily life and capture just a small portion of it! It's always a joy to tap into my photojournalistic roots and document all the fabulous moments happening around me, just as they are. I had so much fun with you and hope you love these photos!

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AuthorCourtney Potter
Categoriesnot newborn