What are the steps involved in hiring you? When should I book?
Once you've contacted us we'll set up an initial meeting by phone or in person to talk about which services you're interested in. Your $300 retainer reserves the two weeks before and one week after your due date. We suggest you contact us early in your pregnancy, but it's never too early or too late to get in touch.

Can’t my husband/doula/nurse just take pictures?
We want you, your partner, and your family to be fully present for your birth. Having a professional photographer will ensure you have high-quality images even in the trickiest lighting situations and that your partner and family will be in front of the camera with you and your baby instead of behind it. We believe your birth deserves to be captured artfully and professionally so these moments are well-preserved. 

What areas do you service? Will you travel out-of-state?
We primarily service Chatham, Durham, Orange, and Wake counties in North Carolina but are available to travel outside those areas for a small travel fee. We are only available out-of-state for scheduled inductions.

When do you start shooting? When do you leave?
Unless you’ve purchased additional time, our coverage will begin during active labor (5cm dilated) and end 1-2 hours after the birth. It’s important to get in touch with us as soon as you think you may be in labor and again when a doctor or midwife confirms active labor to allow us enough time to get to you.

Do you pose photos?
For birth photography we do not pose photos - we want to document your birth experience rather than direct it. For maternity and newborn sessions we will take a lifestyle approach, directing you in some aspects but with the intention of creating a natural feel and look.

Do you shoot in color or black & white?
Most of our birth images will be delivered in black & white with select images in color. Other sessions will include a mix of both color and black & white.

Will you both be at the birth?
No. Only one of us will attend your birth, but we always serve as back-ups for each other. 

What equipment do you use? Will you use flash during the birth?
We use Canon 5d mark II's and 5d mark III's, along with an assortment of professional Canon lenses. We prefer to use available light because we like the feel of it and don't want to disturb a laboring mother during the birth. Flash may be used in poorly-lit circumstances with the permission of the mother and hospital or birthing center staff. 

How many images can I expect? 
For a standard birth photography package we will deliver a minimum of 75-100 color-corrected images.

When should we call you?
Call us as soon as contractions begin or your water breaks, so we have advanced notice. Call us again when you are 3-5cm dilated, or when active labor has begun. If you are getting an induction, give us the date and time in advance. It's always a good idea to let someone other than your partner know to contact us in case they forget to get in touch with us in the happy chaos of early labor.

What happens if it’s a false labor?                                                                                                                             
 Get in touch with us as soon as you think you may be in labor, but we will wait for a second call when active labor has been confirmed by a doctor or midwife.

What if I give birth prematurely?
We will be on call for the two weeks before and one week after your due date, but that doesn't mean that if labor starts earlier we won't be able to make it! Give us a call as soon as you know you are in labor. 

Do you shoot C-sections?
Absolutely. C-sections don't change the beauty of the birth experience. The hours before the c-section, your family's anticipation, and those first moments with your baby in recovery are magical. If the hospital allows us in the operating room we will be there, and if not we will be waiting for you close by.

What happens if something goes wrong that we wouldn’t want photographed?
Births are unpredictable, and it's important to us that we respect your wishes. We will work together with you before the birth to lay out a plan for all of the what-ifs (NICU, complications, hospital rules, etc). 

Do you provide other birth services?
No, but we can recommend our favorite doulas, midwives, and other health care professionals.