“I hired the Birth Collective to do maternity, birth, and newborn photos.  Working with Courtney and Kallyn was a dream.  Courtney took lovely and creative maternity portraits of me and my husband and included my son in the shoot. She was a calm supportive presence at my birth while she documented the experience through the night and into the next day when my son got to meet his brother for the first time. Kallyn came to our house the next morning to take pictures of my sons and their grandparents, then a few weeks later to take newborn photos as well. The day Kallyn came our baby was super fussy, but Kallyn persisted until she captured just the right shot.  Kallyn and Courtney were not just artists and photographers to us but a huge part of our support team. It's hard for me to describe what the photos Courtney and Kallyn took for us mean to me.  I look at them so often, not just because they are beautiful, but because they do exactly what I hoped, remind me of the transformative power of birth and of myself.” 

-       MK Vance


"I have known Courtney for several years and have always been amazed at her skill and her unique perspective in her photography work.  My favorite moment that she captured was when Aaron and I first admired our new baby together in amazement. I love the big smile on my husband's face and how she captured the love between us and the emotion of the moment. Many of the photos brought tears to my eyes and a huge smile to my face. I was in an altered state of mind while I was in labor, and I was overwhelmed with emotion after the birth, so it was great to have the photos to remember it all. It was one of the most special days of our lives and I feel so lucky that I had Courtney there to document it for us."

-       Jenny Goss


“Courtney was the perfect person to photograph our family just weeks after our son was born. Our house was a mess and we were a bit of a mess, not exactly sure of ourselves with our brand new little one. We just knew we wanted some memories from those first days (which are now indeed a blur). Courtney arrived with such a warm and calm demeanor that immediately made us feel comfortable with her. The photographs are priceless.”  

-       Eve Puffer