Giving birth is a deeply personal experience. It can be so many things… exciting, beautiful, messy, challenging, triumphant. The experience is filled  with moments that have a special magic to them. The intimacy of your partner supporting you as you labor, that first glimpse of tiny fingers and toes, the delight of a big brother meeting his newborn sister, the life-changing moment when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time. These powerful moments in your family’s story deserve to be captured in all of their depth, detail and intensity–and not as hurriedly snapped, grainy cell phone pictures.

We are The Birth Collective, a band of documentary photographers, and we are here to tell your story. Our members have 30+ years of documentary photography experience and 12+ years photographing many types of births: natural labor, water births, hospital births, home births, C-sections. As part of your birth support team, we are sensitive to your needs and completely unobtrusive while we work. We make it possible for you, your partner, and your team, to all be fully present for the birthing process.

We believe that real is beautiful. Your story, your body, your baby, are beautiful. Whatever birth process you choose, we will be there to capture your journey in all of its raw intensity. Birth is an intimate and personalized experience, and we’ll spend quality time connecting with you, learning your preferences and your birth plan. After your baby is born, you’ll be able to revisit and share your experience with amazing, high-quality photographs that capture all of those joyful, hard, sweet, unexpected moments of the birth.

Let's take these first steps together.


Courtney Potter, Bridget McEnaney, and Kallyn Boerner